Sleep Gummies – 20mg CBD | 5mg CBN Elderberry Flavored (30ct.)

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Looking for a better night’s rest? Tired of your mind racing just as you lay down to sleep? RYTE’s sleep gummies harness the powerful combination of CBD, CBN, and natural terpenes to help put your mind at ease, allowing you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Say goodbye to morning grogginess with our 100% Vegan, non-GMO full spectrum gummies. 




  • Description

    RYTE sleep gummies are the perfect nightly routine to calm the body and mind in preparation for a rejuvenating slumber  

    • 20 mg Full Spectrum CBD, 5 mg CBN per gummy. 600 mg CBD and 150 mg CBN total per bottle 
    • Elderberry Flavored with 5% added terpenes (expect a mild, earthy aftertaste) 
    • 30 lightly sugar-coated gummies per bottle 
    • Take prior to bedtime for a restful nights’ sleep. Timeframe to take prior to sleep and results will vary.  
    • Other Ingredients: Sugar (organic), Water, Tapioca Syrup (organic), Pectin (pectin, sucrose, citric acid, sodium citrate), Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Natural Flavors (organic and natural), Citric Acid, Vegetable Juice for color (organic), Lemon Oil (organic). 
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    19 reviews for Sleep Gummies – 20mg CBD | 5mg CBN Elderberry Flavored (30ct.)

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    1. Jonathan Russo

      I’m still awake waiting for the melatonin to kick in!! The Sleep gummies are a definite improvement. I may still wake up at 3 AM (the devil’s hour), but I seem to fall asleep again faster. Thank you for making them available and on sale.

    2. Chris

      Long term sleep-challenged. Since receiving my sleep gummies, I’ve had more success. On some more challenging sleep nights, I have taken two sleep gummies or 1 sleep gummy and one relax gummy. For most nights, just the one sleep gummy has helped me to fall asleep faster and fall back to sleep quicker when waking up during the night. Everything’s better with sleep!😊

    3. Julie Wright

      I’m impressed with the sleep gummies. Much better results than the melatonin I’ve been taking for years. I fall asleep faster and when I wake up to use the bathroom I fall back to sleep. Something I’ve struggled with! I just use one gummy, but may do another half if I go to bed feeling stressed. And, absolutely no grogginess in the morning!

    4. Jeff Fee

      Your new CBD gummies are the first flavored product my wife has tried that she finds palatable. She suffers from fibromyalgia and costochondritis to name a few and finds it is difficult to have restful sleep at night. The Sleep Gummies seem to be effective in providing relief for at least some of the night. The first time she used it, she took a whole one and almost didn’t make it into bed! She now finds a half or even a quarter is sufficient to help her fall asleep. The Boost Gummies do seem to help with daytime energy while diminishing the everyday pain.

    5. Keenan

      I definitely need a combination of things to sleep and this is a part of my new regimen with pretty good success. I think adding this in and taking other things out makes me less tired in the morning. I am used to some pretty potent herbs so the taste doesn’t bother me. Bought a small tincture too so I got free shipping.

    6. Jenna P

      I am shocked that these gummies work better for me than any other sleep aid I’ve tried. And I wake up with less grogginess. Love the CBN, highly recommend

    7. Cameron

      These gummy’s with a dropper of regular strength CBD is seriously the perfect combo to ease me into sleep. Not a bad taste either

    8. Paulo C.

      New go-to! I will never be a great sleeper, but any product that helps me wake up less at night is a huge success.

    9. Dominick Z.

      Never thought a gummy would be the recipe for success to shut my mind off and let me go to sleep. They have a slight earthy taste so I take two before I brush my teeth.

    10. Jaz

      Needed something that didn’t make me groggy in the morning. Will be ordering again!

    11. Javier M.

      Love these! I take two of them 45 min before bed and am able to fall asleep more easily. I also wake up less in the middle of the night

    12. Tanner S.

      I am very sensitive to THC so these are the perfect balance of effectiveness without the high

    13. Maxwell M.

      these calm my mind so I am able to fall asleep faster

    14. Trevor

      Melatonin makes me groggy and these don’t. Win!

    15. Jamie H.

      I take 2 before bed. so far so good!

    16. Gabriel

      not sleeping is the worst. I will never be a great sleeper but these bought me an extra hour a night which is a game changer

    17. Latisha

      These gummies are great. I take them with a tincture as well, and the combo really helps me to stay asleep through the night

    18. Darius

      The sleep gummies really help me have less wake ups throughout the night which is pretty amazing considering I have always had these issues. Definitely my new go-to product

    19. Elizabeth

      I love Ryte. My dog and I use the tincture every day. So when these gummies popped up, I was excited. And they do not disappoint. They help during restless nights or when sleeping somewhere that isnt my bed. Great stuff!!