Boost Gummies -12.5mg CBD | 12.5mg CBG Citrus Flavored (30ct)

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Find your daily Boost with our subtly supercharged 1:1 CBD/CBG gummy.  CBG, the mother of all cannabinoids, combined with CBD can promote a sense of energy, alertness, and focus. This gummy is the perfect morning routine to get up and go,  just a light boost to take you through your day. 


  • Description

    Take RYTE boost gummies in the morning for clean energy or at a time during the day when you need to overcome fatigue and regain focus 

    • 12.5 mg CBD, 12.5 mg CBG per gummy. 375 mg CBD and 375 mg CBG total per bottle 
    • Citrus Flavored with 5% added terpenes (expect a mild, earthy aftertaste) 
    • 30 lightly sugar-coated gummies per bottle  
    • Take 1 gummy, 1-2 times per day. Results may vary.  
    • Other Ingredients: Sugar (organic), Water, Tapioca Syrup (organic), Pectin (pectin, sucrose, citric acid, sodium citrate), Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Natural Flavors (organic and natural), Citric Acid, Vegetable Juice for color (organic), Lemon Oil (organic). 
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    16 reviews for Boost Gummies -12.5mg CBD | 12.5mg CBG Citrus Flavored (30ct)

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    1. Thomas W

      First off, I want to acknowledge that my review of these gummies might sound too positive to be legit. I am going to use phrases like, “life-changing“ and “miraculous“.
      I choose my words carefully, and not embellishing even a little bit. So when I say, “These gummies are life-changing!”, that’s EXACTLY what I mean.
      A quick bio: I’m a 36-year-old husband, father, and web developer! I suffered a spinal cord injury 16 years ago, and – starting about 6 months after my injury – I’ve taken the prescription medication, baclofen, to “manage” my involuntary muscle spasms.
      By “spasms”, I’m not referring to minor tremors in my abdomen or a tightness in my forearm or a twitch in my foot. When I spasm, all of my body parts work together to wage a war to throw me out of my chair. My back arches, my arms shoot out straight, my hands ball themselves up into tight fists, and my legs start to kick violently.
      Even after this many years in a wheelchair, my muscles are still strong enough to require incredible physical strength on the part of my caregivers and family members to fight against them. It sometimes takes 2 people working together to force my legs to bend or to pull my shoulders forward.
      My muscle spasms have been strong enough to break my chair’s seatbelt, and I’ve come extremely close to ending up on the floor or pavement due to them. They can last anywhere from 30 seconds to 30 minutes or more, and they affect my comfort, my safety, my ability to drive my chair, access my phone, and impact my ability eat, drink, and even sleep.
      Compared to the rest of that list about the way my spasms affect me, it sounds petty, but when I experience spasms in public – it can be embarrassing. Seeing the look of concern and horror on the face of people around me as my body clenches and kicks adds an extra layer of discomfort to an already very uncomfortable situation.
      The baclofen worked well for several years, but my spasms became more severe, and it became necessary to co-treat my spasms with THC at times when they were at their worst. Even though I was able to regulate the THC to effectively avoid any significant “impairment”, it was really inconvenient at times, not to mention the legal gray area in which THC exists in states outside of Colorado.
      Then suddenly, about five years ago, I started experiencing severe PTSD-related anxiety attacks every time I used THC. In the matter of just a week or two, after years of effectively managing my spasms, any and all benefits I was getting from THC were far outweighed by the mental angst I was experiencing due to those anxiety attacks.
      A mainstay for years in my fight against my muscle spasms was gone, and I was forced to try to rely solely on the baclofen to treat and manage my muscle spasms.
      I increased my dosage of baclofen, and at the absolute maximum dosage of the medication my spasms were “managed” – in the least possible sense of the word – for about a year and a half.
      However, 2 to 3 years ago, my spasms hit a whole new level. Even at dosages the above the maximum recommended, I would have still have days when my spasms were so severe that I was starting to miss out on things I loved to do.
      Some days my spasms were so severe that even driving my wheelchair was impossible. There were days I was afraid to leave my home or do anything independently at all. I didn’t want to be out of sight of a caregiver or family member at any time in case my legs started to kick themselves off of my foot rests.
      My 5-year-old son (then 3 years old) and I used to go on long cruises with him sitting on my lap. Those had to stop, for his safety. Even on cruises when he was riding his scooter or bike beside my chair, any bump in the road or sidewalk could instantly end our time together.
      Riding in a vehicle, my body became a ticking time bomb. I knew that the next bump in the road, the next acceleration or deceleration, the next curve in the road could trigger my spasms and the 20 minutes following would be painful, violent, and draining. After some spasm “sessions”, I felt like I used to at the end of Cross-Country meets: exhausted, overheated, achy, and sucking down air.
      I knew I would benefit from CBD. I’d known it for years. However, there was something holding me back from trying it. I felt certain that my psychological reaction to CBD would be the same as it was for THC. I thought that if I tried to use CBD to treat my spasms, my PTSD would get triggered, and I would spend the next 3 or 4 hours battling through severe anxiety, wishing my spasms were worse and my PTSD was better.
      I was wrong. REALLY wrong.
      About 4 months ago I was getting desperate. I wish I could remember what the exact tipping point was, where I finally decided that the potential benefits of CBD were worth the possibility of triggering my PTSD, but I just could NOT endure any longer with my spasms as bad as they were. I didn’t feel safe during lift transfers from my bed to my wheelchair. My body would react so violently while was up in the air that, looking back, I sincerely don’t know how I avoided serious injury from falling out of my sling onto the floor. I absolutely love to take showers, but the sensation of the water on my skin was now triggering such severe spasms that I started to dread showers. Something had to change.
      My wife went to a CBD shop and brought home several products. The Boost Gummies were one of them. A few other products gave me a slight improvement in in my spasms. One of them, a tincture, seemed to keep my most severe spasms at bay for a few hours, but nothing gave me the results I was hoping for. With the Boost Gummies it was completely different. It was almost instantaneous, and it was drastic.
      There was a morning where my spasms were at their worst. I wasn’t even out of bed, and I was already exhausted from kicking and clenching. My legs had run the equivalent of several miles in the half-hour I’d been awake, and I hadn’t tried the Gummies my wife bought for me, so I ate one of them. Within minutes I felt a soothing “smoothness” to the constant tingling I feel in my fingers and toes. My legs stopped kicking. My hands unclenched. I almost cried. It was miraculous.
      It felt like I was finally able to step out from under a dark, scary storm cloud that had been following over me the past 5 years. I didn’t have to be afraid of a touch or a nudge or a hug. I started testing my spasms by driving over bumps with my wheelchair, and I was amazed when I found I could drive over bumpy sidewalks and uneven roads without triggering any spasms at all. My dog could sit on my lap. I could FINALLY lean forward to perform a “weight shift” by myself, leaning as far forward as necessary to transfer my body-weight away from my butt bones.
      Last summer was one of the greatest Summers of my entire life. My son learned how to ride a bike without training wheels, and he’s gotten so fast on his scooter that I need to drive my wheelchair at top speed in order to keep up with he and my wife in family bike rides. I never would’ve been able to do that without the Boost Gummies. Not in a millions years. My wife and I drive through a nature trail on our way to pick my son up and take him to his kindergarten classroom, and its bumpy enough and uneven enough area that, before I had these Gummies, I would have avoided this route like the plague. I’ve driven through fields and rocks and rough trails, and I loved every minute of it.
      It’s indescribable and vast, the way that these Gummies have improved my life. I would love for any one taking the prescription drug, baclofen but are still not receiving adequate spasm-control, to speak to their doctor about adding CBD into the mix.
      I’m sorry to all of my family members, friends, wife, and son for not looking into this natural CBD treatment sooner, and I will work every day to make more memories in an attempt to make up for the countless memories that my spasms interfered with by not allowing me to be with you.
      Thank you, thank you, thank you, RYTE!!!

    2. Lon Goldstein

      These gummies are awesome. I use them when I need to focus on work and they actually help me stay more relaxed and focused at the same time. I had never tried CBG before and was quite impressed with how effective these are. I also appreciate Ryte’s very reasonable pricing model, especially with all the companies charging outrageous prices.

    3. Viv R.

      I gobble up two of these every morning. I love that I simply don’t crash in the afternoon but I don’t feel a dramatic effect like with caffeine. Even energy

    4. Jeff Fee

      Your new CBD gummies are the first flavored product my wife has tried that she finds palatable. She suffers from fibromyalgia and costochondritis to name a few and finds it is difficult to have restful sleep at night. The Sleep Gummies seem to be effective in providing relief for at least some of the night. The first time she used it, she took a whole one and almost didn’t make it into bed! She now finds a half or even a quarter is sufficient to help her fall asleep. The Boost Gummies do seem to help with daytime energy while diminishing the everyday pain.

    5. Jose F.

      This product really helps even me out. I don’t get super stressed when using them which makes my workday a lot more manageable. The shipping was fast and the gummies taste pretty darn good.

    6. Kathryn W.

      I am not a morning person and can use all the help I can get, but I like to take natural supplements for energy. These fit in well with my current routine, and being in gummy form makes it easier to remember to take them.

    7. Hannity

      Love the citrus flavor. You can definitely tell these are potent but the taste is not too overwhelming for me.

    8. Cici T.

      Bought these after sampling them at an outdoor festival and loved them! I’ve ordered 3 bottles since. They are perfect to take in the morning or early afternoon to keep my day going, especially when I stare at a screen all day.

    9. Adam A

      It is definitely not like drinking a cup of coffee. I more so noticed that I didn’t feel tired later on like I normally do after drinking my coffee

    10. Manuel B.

      I am trying to decrease my caffeine intake and have added these to my regimen and am drinking less coffee. I still feel a nice energy but no big crash afterwards

    11. Samson T.

      added these to my morning supplement routine and I feel less tired

    12. Kathryn

      Good way to avoid the afternoon slump

    13. Haz

      A little earthy aftertaste but I don’t mind it because they are effective

    14. Raul

      love taking these with my morning coffee. It is the perfect combo and I swear it helps with my coffee jitters

    15. Alyse

      I’ve felt a noticeable difference when taking the boost for mental clarity. Perfect for the morning time

    16. Andrew Christensen

      I never leave reviews but I love this gummies. I’ve tried so many different brands and never considered trying CBD for energy but no lie, this stuff works!

      I take one in the morning on my way to the gym and it keeps me nice and balanced all the way throughout my work day. I’ve even cut back on my coffee intake because I realized that I don’t need it as much.

      Highly recommend.