• I’ve never heard of you before. Are you a new company?

    We launched RYTE to give consumers something missing from the market: an exceptionally pure oil they could afford every day. We knew after years of experience at other companies we could be different, offering high-quality Full Spectrum CBD tinctures at a tremendous value.

  • How can you price your oil so much lower than competitors?

    We are 100% farm to bottle, have one of the largest Co2 extractors in the country and our team is dedicated to increasing CBD access through affordability. In other words, we want and do pass along our cost savings to you.

  • Is your CBD oil the same quality as the oil I’m used to taking?

    Absolutely, and backed by our 100% guarantee! Just like the leading brands, every batch is 3rd party lab tested – and we encourage you to compare our Certificate of Analysis (COA) results against your current CBD product. Every bottle we make traces directly back to the batch and is free of solvents, additives, and other contaminants.

  • How is your CBD oil different from other CBD tinctures?

    We offer one of the purest, cleanest oils available anywhere. Our tinctures have an especially smooth, mild taste and are a beautiful golden color – which we don’t hide in a dark amber bottle. But the biggest difference is the price per serving! Your cost per serving (33mg) is just less than 67 cents – that’s a savings of over a dollar a day over other leading brands.

  • Where does your oil come from?

    Our remarkably pure oil is made from non-GMO industrial hemp grown on our own farm in northern Colorado and irrigated with water from Rocky Mountain alpine lakes. We hand harvest and cure each plant, ensuring only the highest quality plants are selected, and extract using one of the largest C02 extraction machines in the country. The result is one of the purest, smooth oils you’ll ever taste.

  • Why is there so much CBD in every bottle?

    We offer two formulations, regular and extra strength, both in bulk-sized bottles. Most consumers spend more than $2.00 per 30mg serving, whereas we offer the same serving for less than 1/2 of the price. In order to provide these savings, we sell our oil in a bulk format and each 4oz bottle should last the daily user three to four months.

  • What do the strengths mean?

    Our regular strength bottle of 33mg of CBD per serving mirrors the most common 1000mg bottle, while our extra strength bottle of 67mg CBD per serving would be closer to formulations offered with 2500mg on the bottle. We offer the same concentration of CBD per serving- you’re just getting a LOT more for a LOT cheaper.

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